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Southern Tree Care ltd.

Tree Surgery & Hedge Cutting

As fully qualified tree surgeons we are responsible for planting, pruning, felling and generally maintaining trees across Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset. We work for domestic and commercial clients, on a one-off or contract basis.

We’re also qualified to carry out inspections and hazard assessments to properly assess the health and potential danger of trees, and undertake many site clearance projects.

We are insured and competent to handle the specialist equipment necessary to carry out a full range of tree surgery operations such as

  • Crown reduction, thinning and lifting
  • Pollarding
  • Felling and dismantling
  • Deadwooding

We’re perfectionists when it comes to hedge-cutting, in town or country. Hedge trimming should be carried out at least once a year for informal hedges, and twice for formal hedges. Trims are best performed in late spring (after the bird nesting season).

Trimmed hedges. Southern Tree Care Ltd, Tree Surgeon, Landscaping, Salisbury, Wiltshire, Dorset

Stump Grinding

When trees are felled or fall the stump left behind presents all sorts of problems. They’re unsightly and get in the way of landscaping or building, but also inclined to send up suckers (new growth) from their roots which can become a nuisance if they appear in the lawn, between paving stones or plant borders.

Dead stumps can harbour all sorts of insects and fungi, particularly the Honey fungus which can attack and kill the roots of other plants.

Stump removal is therefore important – we usually remove the stump at the same time as felling a tree, but we can remove old stumps on request.

We use stump grinding equipment, which reduces the woody stump to sawdust and shavings. It’s a far less intrusive and messy method than having to dig a stump out, and once the hole left behind after grinding the stump is filled with soil there will be no regrowth.

Cut logs stacked. Southern Tree Care Ltd, Tree Surgeon, Landscaping, Salisbury, Wiltshire, Dorset


Fencing, Firewood & Landscaping

A by-product of our tree surgery and woodland maintenance operations is that we have a stock of seasoned firewood available to keep the home fires burning! Speak to us about your firewood requirements and we can arrange delivery.

By popular request from many of our clients, in recent years we’ve expanded our services to include fencing and garden landscaping.

We erect all types of fencing, including featherboard, tongue and groove, and various decorative fencing and trellis styles, along with gates.

We’re experiencing an increasing demand for our landscaping service after transforming several gardens in our area with neat features like steps, planters, patios and paths.

We enjoy a challenge, so you’re welcome to bring us any problem you have with your outdoor space and we’ll be happy to advise and devise an affordable solution to make it tidier and more functional.

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